If you want to use any of these in your projects be it games, movies, etc, you're 100% free to do so ONLY if your projects are indie projects. Bigger corporate projects can get fucked or pay me. All I ask is you shoot me an email thejettsecret@gmail.com
Songs for my Games
Weird Experimental Digital Stuff
Sometimes I make digital music for non-game purposes. The first two are directly inspired by this really cool artist I saw live once and particularly the intensity, energy and weirdness of the performance: M!R!M
Acoustic Songs
Songs From my Old Punk Bands
This group is from my most recent band. We released this EP just before I moved several provinces over, so it's effectively dead. This record is from an older band kinda a crossover-thrash type band. We usually called ourselves a queercore band tho. This EP was from before I was kicked out and they released more material afterwords, but I don't care about that. We were called piss, hence the uh, you know, piss themes.
Misc Songs
These are songs and soundbytes NOT currently being used in any of my projects. Most of these work for game related projects I think These 2 I went for a little traditional orchestral vibe and are really similar. The first one is one of the first digital songs I ever made and it's a literal waltz lol.
Thanks for embedding! :)